Competition Guideline Mechanics

  1. All participants must be a bona fide student at their respective schools and must be 3rd and 4th year Interior Design students during the period of the competition (September to November 2022). Certificates of enrolment from the Registrar’s Office or other proof of enrolment must be submitted together with the selected entries.
  2. All interested participants are allowed to use any 3D rendering or software material
  3. Students to submit complete requirements (Items 1-7 indicated in the competition manual)
  4. Students are required to source the majority of their materials from our sponsors. Moreover, participants should not source items from direct competitors of these brands. Should there be items that participants wish to use that are not available from our sponsors’ catalogues, this can then be sourced from other stores.
  5. Entries are to be submitted by the participant digitally on or before October 13, 2022 (Friday) 6 PM. From there, the judges will select the TOP 10 entries.