Competition: The Mechanics


  1. All interest participants will be provided a download link for the Student License version of 3DS Max
  2. Technical sponsor will conduct free tutorials and open-line support
  3. Students to submit complete requirements (items 1-6)
  4. Top 10 will be given a chance to refine their walk-through file using available design library from sponsors
  5. Top 10 may revise item 6 (Bill of Materials and Quantities) based on sponsors’ inventory and pricing
  6. The Top 10 will also be required to submit a Video Blog of their design process. Vlog should be 2 minutes in length and should contain student’s explanation of his/her design, behind the scenes footage, interview with their chosen food entrepreneur, and the final output (3D walkthrough).
  7. Final entries will then be uploaded into the EDV website, linking from the social media pages. Number of likes on social media will also be used as criteria for the computation of points.