Competition: The Mechanics


Submission Requirements

  • All interest participants will be provided a download link for the Student License version of 3DS Max
  • Technical sponsor will conduct free tutorials and open-line support
  • Students to submit complete requirements (items 1-7)
  • Top 10 will be given a chance to refine their walk-through file using available design library from sponsors
  • Students are required to source the majority of their materials from our major sponsors – CW Home Depot, Boysen, and Landlite (Roughly 70-80% of materials). Participants should not source items from direct competitors of these brands (ex. Wilcon and Davies Paints). Should there be items that participants wish to use that are not available from our sponsors’ catalogues, this can then sourced from other stores.
  • Entries are to be submitted by the participant digitally on or before September 27, 2022 (Tuesday) 5PM. From there, the judges will select TOP 10 entries.

Top 10 Mechanics

  • The Top 10 will be required to submit a Video Blog of their design process. The blog should be two minutes in length and should contain student’s explanation of his/her design, behind the scenes footage, collaboration with their LINKS partner artists, and the final output (3D walkthrough).
  • Top 10 may revise item 6 (Bill of Materials and Quantities) based on sponsors’ inventory and pricing
  • Final entries will then be uploaded into the EDV website, linking from the social media pages.
  • Only three (3) individual winners and their respective schools will be chosen to advance and compete for the finals where the actual execution and construction of the drawings will be displayed. This will be held at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.
  • The Top 10 will all get the chance for their designs to be implemented in LINKS partner schools, depending on available sponsors. The Top 3 designs are already guaranteed to be donated and implemented to partner schools after PHILCONSTRUCT.
  • The Top 4 to 10 Semifinalists will have a separate online social media contest (Estilo de Vida Official Facebook Page) where the design of the entry with the most likes shall be donated and implemented to a partner school as well. 

Top 3 Mechanics

The TOP 3 entries will be executed in the following manner:

  • Actual build-up and display
  • Basic expenses to be shouldered by the Philippine Constructors Association, Inc. (PCA)
  • Furniture, fixtures and other accessories to be purchased from sponsors/partner establishments using the construction budget of Php 360,000.00 per student.
  • The following support will be provided by PCA for the winning students:
  • PCA will exert its best efforts to look for potential sponsors / suppliers of furniture, fixtures, appliances and other needed materials that may be used by the student finalists. All participating students will be given a list of sponsors who are willing to lend their products, furniture, and accessories to the winning entries during the actual build-up. CONTESTANTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO USE THESE SUPPLIERS IN THEIR DESIGN SO WHEN THEIR ENTRY WINS, THE PRODUCTS FEATURED IN THEIR DESIGN CAN BE EASILY SOURCED. Should the contestants decide to use products from suppliers not included in the list and their entry wins, the students will have to source for these products by themselves.
  • PCA will exert its best efforts to look for potential sponsors for travel and accommodation should the need arise.
  • PCA will advance Php 5,000.00 to each winner in support for their basic expenses in the preparation of the actual exhibit.
  • Each winning participant is entitled to a VIP Pass which will be used when purchasing materials or products from CW Home Depot.
  • Professional help may not be obtained during the contest proper.
  • Any damages caused by the contestant/s to the products of sponsors, other exhibitors, common property, or to other parties shall be the liability of the contestant/s.
  • The contestants must comply with rules concerning the use of the exhibition hall as prescribed by the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.
  • The Organizers shall take all security precautions in the interest of the contestants. However, the Organizers shall not be held responsible for any loss or theft of the exhibit items at the exhibition halls during the build-up, exhibition, and dismantling period. The Organizers shall also not be held liable for any loss or damage to any articles belonging to the contestants.
  • Anyone caught violating any of the above-mentioned rules and regulations will automatically be disqualified from the competition.