The Committee through the years

Industry professionals and young and up-comers alike have always used various aspects of the arts and the sciences to bring pride to the Philippines. Armed with passion, dedication, and creativity they soldier on in the continued quest for excellence.

Back in 2004, these same values drove Jorge Consunji to start a competition that has become and industry staple – his brainchild, the Estilo De Vida Interior Design Competition.

Since then, Estilo De Vida has become one of the must-see events for design enthusiasts and is formidable platform for young designers to test out their skills. Each year, entries from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao come in overwhelming numbers with much anticipation from the students and their professors. The entire competition process requires time and effort but the rewards are indeed worthwhile.
At PHILCONSTRUCT, Estilo De Vida adds certain flair of elegance and sophistication to the usually very masculine energy of the country’s leading building and construction trade expo. This unique combination is mirrored in the tandem of the competition’s co-organizers, the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA) and the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID), whose hard work continue to make the activity a success.
Aside from supporting young interior designers, Estilo De Vida has also committed itself to promote the use of sustainable materials and the adaptation of 5Rs in the designs all while encouraging the use of locally-sourced materials.

2004: Modern Living for Less I Chairman: Engr. Jorge Consunji WINNERS

2005: Modern Living for Less II Chairman: Mr. John Bautista

“We take great pride in offering a competition that superbly presents the exceptional potential of young Filipinos in the field of interior design. Through this show, we hope to let everyone have a better grasp of the top-notch Filipino taste and see how our young interior designers do magic through color, texture and form”

Mr. Jorge Consunji

Founder, Estilo De Vida; Chairman, Estilo De Vida I; President and CEO, DM Consunji Inc.

“I encourage our young Interior Design students to become a part of this event. It will definitely open an opportunity for them to meet the biggest names in construction, architecture, and design world. The event, in the same manner, is visited by people from different walks of life who intend to build a home or a building on the future, giving them a chance to meet future clients. Together, let us contribute to make a better Philippines.”

John Bautista

Past Chairman, Estilo De Vida II and IV

“As one of the earlier chairwoman of the Estilo De Vida competition, I am amazed at how it evolved into what it is today. Estilo captured the essence of designing and has imparted to its participants the mode and difficulties of construction. In a way it is also a way of preparing them for the realities of construction and the discipline to adhere to schedules.”

Rosario “Ching” Evangelista

Chairperson, Estilo De Vida III

“It is not every day that our young interior designers get the chance to showcase their talents in a venue as huge as the SMX. That is why we are proud to spearhead a competition that does not only promote their world-class brilliance in the field but also caters to their need to be recognized.”

Ellen Chua

Chairperson, Estilo De Vida V and VI

“Estilo De Vida continues to be the avenue for the interior design students to showcase their talents, not only on stylish and aesthetic designs, but on functionality and cost reasonableness when their designs are transformed to real construction. Congratulations to the organizers of the Estilo De Vida. I am sure you’ll succeed in this endeavor.”

Acht. Lily Pio Roda

Chairperson, Estilo De Vida VII; President & CEO, Asian Technicon Managers and Consultants, Inc.

“The beauty of the Philippines shines from within – an admirable trait that one can never find anywhere else in the world. At the core of our beauty, are the talented and promising amateurs in interior design showcasing their globally- competitive skills. Therefore, everyone who joined in this year’s contest is a winner, no talent is wasted and through the efforts of PCA and PIID. I’m confident that our beauty will continue to shine through.”

Wilfredo Decena

Chairperson, Estilo De Vida VIII; President and CEO, Will Decena & Associates

“For a decade now, Estilo De Vida has never failed to recognize the best of our young interior designers and give them incentives to hone their talent. The construction industry is booming and we want the interior design industry to keep pace by elevating its value in the area of property development. This competition is truly one of a kind.”

Ruben Cueto

Chairperson, Estilo De Vida IX

“Estilo De Vida creates a refreshing vibe being a highlight at PHILCONSTRUCT. This competition has been a gathering of inspired young designers who took the challenge and stood up despite the pressure of having to complete their set up for four days. Estilo has truly become a platform for aspiring Interior Designers where they can discover how to stretch themselves with the challenges. Estilo will continue to support young enthusiasts to step up as a global talent that can change the world of design.”

Ms. Nina Ramos

Chairperson, Estilo De Vida X

“It’s an honor being one of the Past Chairs of Estilo De VIda. It was 2014 when I witnessed students moving up beyond their capacities to meet deadlines, and coordinating with their contractors. Not everyone is up to the challenge of mixing up another task with all the school requirements, but seeing Estilo De Vida accepting overwhelming number of entries every year is proof that our future Interior Designers are always ready to step up.”

Ms. Tala Fernando-Ang

Chairperson, Estilo De Vida XI

“We continue to hold this event to support the young and talented student designers and hone them in becoming promising Interior Design professionals of their generation. Estilo De Vida is not just a competition; it is not just about the cash prize and pride. It is an avenue that molds the young and talented designers who will soon be the next leaders on this industry.”

Gwen Cobankiat-Cua

Chairperson, Estilo De Vida XII

“In celebration of Estilo De Vida’s 16th year, we enjoin PCA in celebrating the young Filipino talent in the interior design world. Through this competition, several interior design students around the country have been able to challenge their abilities and push their boundaries as they get exposed to realistic scenarios where they are driven to spread out their artistic faculties in creating designs for specific projects. I am confident that a bright future is awaiting our young designers.”

Isabelita “Eisa” Mercado

Chairperson, Estilo De Vida XIII and XIV; CEO, IPM Group of Companies

“We have had the honor of witnessing many young interior designers grow from bright-eyed amateurs to legitimate creative forces in the professional world, and that is the beauty of the Estilo de Vida, it shows us that even at a young age, they are capable of creating world-class masterpieces. Estilo De Vida will always be here to open up opportunities for our young designers and prepare them in their chosen career paths in a professional setting.”

Engr. Andrea Marie Tamayo-Ulep

Chairperson, Estilo De Vida XV and XVI