Design Challenge

Healing Spaces: Empowering Abused Women and Children on Their Path to Healing by Creating Multifunctional and Comforting Environments Within Medical Facilities

The Design Challenge

As Estilo de Vida marks its 20th year, a significant milestone in our journey, we realize our mission is about more than just aesthetics. We’re committed to a new era of purpose-driven design, blending creativity with social causes to create a profound human experience.

With the celebratory spirit of our 20th anniversary, we embark on a path that combines innovation with consequence, design with intention, and beauty with meaningful change.

Estilo de Vida supports the Child Protection Network’s mission through its Women and Children Protection Units (WCPU), providing a safe haven for abused children and women, offering not only medical help but also other services for trauma recovery and support.

The Top 3 finalists will bring their designs to life at the PHILCONSTRUCT exhibit from November 9 to 12, 2023. Subsequently, these creations will be transitioned to partner WCPUs, ensuring a lasting impact beyond design and improving the lives of those in need.