Competition: Design Brief


  1. Students will design an Enhanced Kitchen using a standard blank space with the following dimensions: 20 sq. m (4.0m x 5.0m D/W, 3.0m H).
  2. The Enhanced Kitchen should be able to accommodate the following equipment/systems:
    1.  Refrigerator
    2.  Stovetop
    3. Oven
    4. Kitchen sink
    5. Other small appliances
    6. Countertop
    7. Cabinet/modular systems
    8. Or any other kitchen equipment required for the specific business they have chosen

3. The Enhanced Kitchen should promote efficiency for any of the following activities:

    1. Food storage
    2. Dry goods storage
    3. Food preparation
    4. Cooking area
    5. Cleaning and washing area
    6. Packaging area

 4. Students should show detailed designs for modular / space-saving furniture; accessories details on the cabinet systems; and other features that will address the business’ needs. Special focus should be given on the storage details like spice racks, undercounter chillers, better pantry systems, etc.

5. The Enhanced Kitchen should be well-lit, with ambient and task lighting.


The cost of the project to furnish and complete the surface finishes – i.e. wall, floor, and ceiling, including lighting fixtures and accessories is estimated at Php 40,000.00 per square meter (or 800,000 total) inclusive of labor and materials.