Competition: Design Brief


  1.  Students will design a children’s library using a standard blank space with the following dimensions: 36 sq. m (4.0m x 9.0m D/W, 4.0m H). The standard size of schools will differ.
         – Final application of the room size may vary. Students must allow for a flexible design that can expand and            contract from the original space given.
  2. The area should have innovative and flexible shelving solutions and space-saving systems. 

3. The children’s library should be colorful and inviting, and should be well-lit

4. The space must contain age-appropriate furniture & other room elements

5. Students must incorporate an art mural wall (4.0m x 4.0m) into their design c/o the LINKS partner artists. 

6. The long walls should allow for the location of windows and doors.


The cost of the project to furnish and complete the surface finishes – i.e. wall, floor, and ceiling, including lighting fixtures and accessories is estimated at Php 10,000.00 per square meter (or Php 360,000 total) inclusive of labor and materials.